Learning circles is one of the pillars of W.I.S.H project.  Children are introduced to child-friendly social research where they investigate matters directly pertinent to their lived experiences e.g. child marriage, child pregnancy, child abuse, drought, persistent hunger, poor transition, school dropout, social exclusion, among others.   The activity builds soft and hard skills required to live, survive and work well with others.


Children with guidance of teachers at Makonjemare primary school in Kilifi, Kenya, discussing child marriage and hunger and how it affects them.


W.I.S.H update Week two of August 2018

Students in the W.I.SH project engaged in community service to donate foodstuff, collect firewood and fetch water by visiting an ailing grandmother in the school neighbourhood.   W.I.S.H teaches them the need to share and serve others.



W.I.S.H update Week one of August 2018

Teachers and student of Makonjemare have organised themselves into groups each focusing on different thematic areas that affect school, family and community




LIBA engages children in activities that offer developmental and academic support that would otherwise not be provided in a normal school day. We continue to involve the teachers, parents and the learners themselves in improving learning. WISH prepares children to be real Global Citizens.

Children actively participate in activities that build the life skills they require to live and work well with others and they are expected to translate the learning to boost their academic performance and improve their interaction with others in the community.