LIBA works in the community and it endeavours to meet some of the local pressing needs as part of its immersion program.  It has donated footballs to a local football team as part of their social outreach program

Allan Kiti was fitted with an artificial limb in August 2018 following an amputation after an accident with his motorbike in March 2016.  This forced him to drop out of school.  He is now willing to go back to school in January 2019


Allan Before                                                           Allan  now

A local church at Makonjemare, that once served as a clasroom for nursery children for Makonjemare school was happy to receive a donation of 10 chairs from LIBA courtesy of Learn Foundation.

LIBA lives and works in the community, hence it is aware of additional social support we ought to give to reach out to persons in most need.

We have helped a sick grandmother taking care of her orphaned grand children get surgery and medical support for her ailing body.

We have also helped a 92 old grandmother get a comfortable room to sleep in, away from the goats and sleeping on a metal sheet. We bought a bed and a mattress for her and her elderly daughter who takes care of her.  Once every y two weeks we bring her food and flour.

We have also distributed reading- and sun glasses and also trousers donated by well-wishers in Netherlands.