14th and 17th September 2018


The Visit to Bonifatiousschool, Woundsend, Netherlands was a climax of LIBAs collaboration with the school that  supported 30 children from Makonjemare primary schoolo of Vitengeni, Kilifi, Kenya acquire Scouts uniform and start a Scouts movement in October 2017.  LIBA was given a red carpet welcome as seen in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqtfHi_fKlk&feature=youtu.be. Amazing.  Children and teachers sung a famous Kenyan song “Jambo”.  LIBA was presented with the Kenyan flag and their school flag, that will be handed in to Makonjemare school as seen in


November 2017 and February 2018

children received scouts uniforms, then got a training from the Scouts Commissioner, took to the oath and demonstrated their prowess to the parents, wider community and Learn Foundation visiting guests in February 2018


October 2017

All public institutions including schools are required to raise the national flag and sing the national anthem as part of our patriotism. In schools, this is done by the Scouts twice per week. Most children in school love to be a part of the Scouts movement and would want to raise the flag and match with their smart uniforms as they make their promise and sing the national anthem.
We are glad that Makonjemare school has been lucky to now have 30 students in the scouts movement. Scouting teaches children to be disciplined and to offer service to others and their country.
We thank the Scouts team leaders from Kilifi who offered an intensive training to the children.