Makonjemare is ready for 2021

LIBA will be providing new uniforms to all students to enable them bounce back to school smart, happy and with hope for a better future.  Uniforms makes all children feel equal.  Learn! Foundation, LIBAs partner in the Netherlands has made this possible!!

LIBA is partnering with Giriama tailoring school, a local tailoring college, to make uniforms and this gives the young teenage girls and mothers an opportunity to have practical sewing lessons.

The tailoring school has 16 girls against 7 working machines that forces the girls to come in shifts.  To boost the tailoring school, they received a brand new machine to reduce their shortage of 9 machines


Makonjemare 2018

Children are always happy to receive school uniforms.  Uniforms has no equal but makes all children feel equal.


School Uniforms at Makonjemare primary school

We deliver school uniforms for children whose parents can not afford it. Together with our partner organization we see this as a ticket to school. We believe, uniforms has no equal but makes ALL children equal.