How the project is making a difference in the lives of the children

This project is meant to cushion the children of Makonjemare School from the adverse effects of Covid 19. For the last 4 years, these children from poor families relied on school feeding for survival but due to Covid, all learning institutions in Kenya were closed since March 16, 2020. A lot of children and their families have starved due to lack of food.  This project has put a smile on their faces

Children can get food



Can learn how to properly wash hands with soap and water


Can read important messages about Covid 19


Can maintain social distance in their interactions while wearing masks.


Expansion of the school farm to increase food production.



What the Partnership between Learn! Foundation, Wilde Ganzen and Lifting the Barriers entails

  1. School feeding for the children  from July to October 2020
  2. Expansion of the school garden which includes fencing, bush clearing and planting
  3. Erection of “talking” signs and boards to teach students key messages about Covid 19
  4. Provision of hand washing facilities and masks to keep the children safe