Welcome back to school and swing to success January 2021

Following the completion of the new school buildings, the school now has new flag posts that can host the Kenyan flag, East African Community (EAC) flag and one flag from our partners in the Netherlands

Children of Makonjemare primary school are back!!  They had missed school as the Covid 19 outbreak lead to all learning institutions being closed down since March 16th 2020 as mitigation measures by our Government.  They longed to not only go back to school and learn, but also, they longed to play with each other.  We welcome them back to not only a safe, child friendly learning environment, but also, they find several swings mounted on the compound to play and just be children!

New flag posts – November 2020

The new school for all the children of Makonjemare Primary school have come with double blessings!

a) They have new flag posts (three in number) so the scouts club can now raise the required flags  (Kenyan Flag, EAC flag and one from our partners in Netherlands to propagate national unity, patriotism and humanity.

The new school is ready!  Hurray -February 2020


We appreciate the contribution from Learn! Foundation and Wilde Ganzen  who made this project possible.  Our appreciation also goes to those who joined hands with Learn! Foundation to realise its fundraising goal.  We say ASANTE SANA!


Project take off at Makonjemare primary school, Vitengeni, kilifi, Kenya – August 2019
Lifting the Barriers has finally begun the construction of a new school with modern, child friendly teaching and learning facilities at Makonjemare primary school. This has been made possible by Learn Foundation and Wilde Ganzen together with other partners and well-wishers. This support will make it possible to
a) Build 6 new standard classrooms
b) 6 sanitation blocks
c) Modern kitchen equipped with cooking stoves (jikos)
d) Completion of a classroom started by parents
e) Construction of a staffroom

f) Completion of a multipurpose hall

g) Improving rainwater harvesting by erecting storage tanks and gutters

h) Construction of an incinerator

Parents offer paid labour and will work very closely with the contractor.

Working in partnership for the success of building a new school at Makonjemare is key – July 2019

LIBA works in partnership for the success of its programs. For this project, LIBA is working with the County Government of Kilifi particularly the Ministry of Education and ICT and the office of the Member of Parliament of Ganze Constituency to make it possible to install water tanks and drip irrigation kits at Makonjemare primary to support a self sustaining school feeding program. Additionally, the County Government of Kilifi will support the construction of Pre-Primary 1 and Pre-Primary 2 classes at the school. This discussions and agreements were reached at the CEC for Education and ICT (Minister for Education), Prof. Gabriel Katanas office, when Ingrid Vink of Learn Foundation paid him a courtesy call. Lifting the Barriers and Learn Foundation was honoured to have a round table discussion with the Deputy Governor of Kilifi, H.E Saburi, Hon Teddy Mwambire and Hon. Prof. Gabriel Katana to discuss these developments.




Launching the project to build a new school for Makonjemare in July 2019

Children at Makonjemare primary school make every effort to do self – organised study while at the same time, assisting each other in the challenging learning journey because they lack enough child friendly physical facilities (classrooms and desks), teaching and learning materials. Children can now look forward to child friendly learning facilities by November 2019. This has been made possible by Learn! Foundation and Wilde Ganzen and several other supporters and well wishers in the Netherlands. The function was attended by Hon. Teddy Mwambire, one of the partners in the project, the Project Contractor, the Clerk of Works, education officials, parents, teachers, students and opinion leaders.