Makonjemare is a school of many firsts! Its our current project school.  All LIBAs interventions are focused and geared towards a whole-school development approach.  On this page, you will see some of the interventions being carried out at the school.  Karibu sana!


Reaching the underserved to acquire quality education

Makonjemare primary school in Kilifi, Kenya is indeed, hard-to-reach school.  It located in rural part of Kilifi where roads become almost impassable during rainy season.  All the way and around the school are thorny bushes that beautify the landscape.   Because we have to deliver the promise to our donors, community and partners, LIBA staff and volunteers make every effort to get there.  Our motivation is, these children who go though the worst every day to get an education therefore we endevour to use available means to get there (motorbike, walking for long distances, vehicle hire among others).   Learn! Foundation is making things better for them by improving learning environment at the school and building the skills of teachers and students to become part of the global community.






Together with Learn! Foundation and Wilde Ganzen and Lifting the Barriers as their implementing partner on the ground, we will be building a new school at Makonjemare.  This will includes

  1. Building six standard classrooms
  2. Completing of a classroom that was started off by the parents
  3. Administration block equipped with furniture for headteacher and deputy office  and staffroom
  4. Completing a multi-purpose hall 
  5. Building Six sanitation (toilet) facilities.  Additionally, wand do the final touches in the 
  6. Purchase of 2, 5000 ltrs water tanks including guttering the classrooms , mounting the tanks on the base and connecting them to the roof catchment
  7. Construction of farm help store and purchase of working tools for the gardener
  8. Ground levelling

This is a big project with huge financial implication and without the cooperation from the two organizations mentioned above and Lifting the Barriers, this could not be achieved.


  • Makonjemare primary School is in Ganze Constituency, Kilifi County, Kenya.
  • The direct beneficiaries are 270 learners, 10 teachers and 110 parents
  • The total cost of this project is €121,934,00.  In Kenya shillings it will be 12 million
  • This project is known as number 2017.0542 by Wilde Ganzen

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