LIBA believes in a holistic support to the schools she works with under its Learning Companion Program.  We have worked with Makonjemare primary school since 2013 to provide an all-round support.   The school has gone through this total transformation.

Provision of school uniforms.  they not only give the students identity, they improve on their self esteem as they make all children feel equal.
Construction of new school. Learners are now in spacious classrooms.

Improvement of school kitchen so as to not only improve health of cooks but also save energy.

Provision of seating facilities.

Access to safe drinking water for good health.

Improve nutrition through maize crop growing and vegetables for school feeding.

Provision of Sporting and play  resources.

Teacher capacity enhancement to enhance learning and development of learners.

Livelihoods improvement for better nutrition for children.  This involves bee keeping, chicken and goat rearing.