Since 2011 we work closely with the Learn! Foundation. A foundation set up in Europe, the Netherlands. In short, it means that they financially support our CBO /community based organization, and develop projects together with us. The fundraising for the projects submitted by LIBA takes place in the Netherlands.
Their mission, vision and objective is to contribute to improve education in disadvantaged areas. They do this because they believe that education is the most important asset to grow as an individual. And because individual development offers the most sustainable basis to rise above poverty, both as an individual and as a community.

The founder and chair of our partner, regularly visits us and our projects, at least once a year, sometimes more often.
Her last visit in February 2018 and 2019 was very special, because she brought along 10 donors from the Vastenactie who went to visit our projects. This meant a lot to these donors, because they could see with their own eyes what the donated money was spent on. It was a moving visit with many memorable moments, such as experiencing the school trip as part of the WISH program, attending the church service on Ash Wednesday, and of course visiting both the Bofa Primary and the Makonjemare Primary School, the school that we now support on a project basis.

In 2019, Learn Foundation partnerned with  Wilde Ganzen to build a new school at Makonjemare.  The school is moving away from mud walls to permanent structures that are child friendly.  The school shall be officially opened in February 2020