Community involvement for lasting impact

LIBA involves teachers, students and parents and we work steadily to build students, teachers and school leaders technical capacity and leadership skills, so they can play a central and sustainable role in their own progress. We mobilize parents to give contribute in kind to the school development, and we also partner with local civil society as advocates and service providers. At the most basic level, we are working to impart our skills, knowledge, and expertise to local actors.

Transparency and accountability

We are first and foremost responsible to the school community with whom we work, as well as to all of our supporters, sponsors, partners, and donors. Commitment to accountability and ethical practices and adherence to strong and comprehensive standards are central to everything we do. Recognized as one of the lead non-governmental organizations in kilifi working on education, setting higher standards of accountability, we believe in trust, transparency and responsibility.

We recognize our duty to use contributions as effectively and efficiently as possible and to be accountable to all our stakeholders, and our high ratings with various external monitoring groups reflect both the impact our programs have, in addition to our good stewardship practices.

With the support of various partners and Learn Foundation, by 2017 LIBA programs impacted more than 900 school children, 400 parents and 50 teachers in Kilifi County.
In short, together with our partners, we have ensured that:

  • Schools are better equipped and managed.
  • Schools have child-friendly learning infrastructure
  • Schools have cleaner sanitation facilities and easier access to safe drinking water.
  • Learners have acquired lifeskills required to live and work well with others in today’s global marketplace
  • All children have school uniforms and girls have sanitary towels
  • Women have gained more economic skills to support the education and health of their children.