Covid mitigation project at Makonjemare primary school, Kilifi, Kenya.

The project entails cushioning 285 children of the Makonjemare school from the adverse effects of Covid 19 now that they are not in school since March 2020.  For the last 4 years, children relied on the school feeding to get a meal so closure of the school meant many children going hungry.

Activities that will be undertaken under this project include

  1. School feeding
  2. Learning how to properly wash hands with soap and water
  3.  Erection of “talking” boards that communicate special messages about Covid 19 and how to keep safe
  4. Expansion of the school farm to enable the school plant more food for the children for future self reliance
  5. Provision of masks

For the third week now, the children have been coming to school and are excited about the project as they have a meal for the say.