08 September 2018

LIBA had a great opportunity after being invited by a Dutch organization named Bisschop Möller Stichting (BMS) to come to the Netherlands and be a guest speaker on the opening of the new school year in Leeuwarden which will be on 12 September.

Together with Learn Foundation, we will explore our co-operation during LIBAs stay in the Netherlands.

8 September 2018 – The Executive Director of LIBA was in Utrecht, the Netherlands, at a M&E workshop where she she shared her experiences of project planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

Vastenactie is a partner of LIBA that is currently supporting our three year W.I.S.H project in rural Kenya.

09 September 2018

After attending service at the Christoffel  Parish, Netherlands, we had a very special invitation to visit the St. Nicolaas church in a small village with almost the same name: St. Nicolaasga. The Priest gave Jacque special blessed gifts.  Christoffel parish is connected to the Vastenactie.

10 September 2018

LIBA met the Chairman of BMS, Dick Lieftink and some other staff members of this organization at Hotel de Oorsprong in St Nicolaasga, Netherlands to plan for the opening school year. This big event will take place in Leeuwarden in the beautiful Bonifatius church, and is scheduled for Wednesday 12, 2018.

The Executive Director of LIBA will be one of the guest speakers!

September 11, 2018

LIBA met 270 children and teachers of St. Mattheussschool which is a part of BMS. The school is situated in Joure, (Netherlands). LIBA had a chance to speak during their opening school year ceremony. LIBA believes that when people join hands, the world can be a better place for all children to learn and prosper.